You Are Currently Unable to Send Crypto on Coinbase

How To Fix It? You Are Currently Unable to Send Crypto on Coinbase

What is Coinbase?

Coinbase is one of the biggest cryptocurrency exchange platforms in the crypto world. It has become popular as it offers clients to manage and withdraw their crypto assets to bank account. As this company manages crypto assets which is related to financial institute so sometimes for safe the company may freeze your account. In that case you may receive a pop message while sending crypto from your account is “You Are Currently Unable to Send Crypto on Coinbase”.

If something like this happened with you then read this article thoroughly. You will learn about

  • Different type of restrictions that Coinbase may apply to your account.
  • Why Coinbase put such restriction?
  • How to fix Coinbase account restriction?


Different type of restriction applied by Coinbase are below


#1 Coinbase Account 14 Days Hold

We have searched over internet and found many customers faced these type of restriction. Many of them also reported on reddit, twitter, quora etc. They have reported that they got this restriction after purchasing crypto using bank account. Coinbase applied this type of restriction for security reason. You still may face it although you have verified yourself. The main reason behind this is it needs some days to clear fund from your bank account to Coinbase. So once you move your crypto anywhere else then CB has no way to recover it. So for this safety they may apply the 14 days account hold restriction.


#2 Coinbase Account 30 Days Hold

I have found a remarkable number of people who faced it. Specially new account creator. This restriction is for new account holder. Once you get this 30 days restriction then you have to wait 30 days to uplift this. In this case you may not send, withdraw, trade crypto on Coinbase. This restriction is also for safety as per CB community.


#3 Account Temporarily Disabled

If your account is compromised then Coinbase may put this type of restriction. If you got it you may not login to your account. You have to contact with their support and verify yourself again to get back your account access.


#4 You Are Currently Unable to Send Crypto on Coinbase

This is one of the most annoying restriction applied by Coinbase. Cause they do not mention any time frame to lift up this restriction. You may get a pop up message saying that “You Are Currently Unable to Send Crypto on Coinbase”. When you get this restriction you can not send crypto from your account to anywhere else. They may put this restriction for several reasons.

You Are Currently Unable to Send Crypto on Coinbase

Violation of Terms & Condition- If a user violate the terms and condition of CB then they may apply this restriction.

Using VPN- If you login to your account using vpn then you may get this restriction.

Changing Device- If you login to your account from a new device that you had never used before then you may also get it.

Suspicious Activity- If you are involve in any kinds of suspicious activity then you also may get this restriction.

Bank Refund- If you made a refund request from your bank of a crypto deposit transaction to CB then you will get this restriction.

Failed to Verify- If Coinbase fail to verify your identity document then they apply this restriction.

Unknown- There is also another reason behind this that is totally unknown.


How To Fix It? You Are Currently Unable to Send Crypto on Coinbase

Unfortunately if you got this restriction then this section is for you. First of all you have to raise a case to their support center. If you are lucky then you may get human response from their support team within 30 days. I have found many users posted on reddit, quora, twitter that their fund stuck on Coinbase for years. They raised support case but they did not receive any progress since years. Also many customers complained on different platform about horrible customer support and their bad experience. After creating case you may get AI based auto response from them in a certain days interval. Many users also complained that Coinbase closed their support case without any resolution. So here is few tips for your by which you may be able to release yourself from this restriction quickly. You do not need to wait for days after days for their support to reply.

Reset Your Password- You can reset your Coinbase account password. Sometimes this restriction automatically removed after resetting account password.

Add Phone Number- There is a chance to lift up this restriction after adding and verifying phone number.

2-Step Verification- Many users reported that they were able to lift up this restriction by adding 2-step verification to their account. Coinbase offer phone based OTP for 2-step verification. They also offer Authenticator apps like Google Authenticator or Microsoft Authenticator apps which provide 6 digit temporary password to add extra security to your account.

Submit Verification Documents- This is another fruitful and effective way to fix account restriction issue. You may upload a valid Passport, Driving License or National ID Card to verify on Coinbase. To upload you documents to Coinbase visit this link and follow the steps. After successful verification you may got release from account restriction on Coinbase.


Coinbase customer support also available on the following platform. You may also write them there.

Be aware of taking help from the social media platform of Coinbase. You may got a tons of message from scammers and they may tell you that they are from Coinbase and they will solve your issue very fast. Do not trust them. They may gain access to your account and wipe out all your assets from Coinbase.

Trust only verified moderators of Coinbase.


Hope you got all your answers related to account under review or account restriction problem on Coinbase. If you find any other way to fix this do not forget to write us a comment. Also you may share your experience on Coinbase customer support on our comment section below.




  1. Coinbase restricted my new account after I made a wire transfer which reflected immediately in my account and I also did an ACH which is yet to clear . I tried withdrawing the usdc I bought through wire check , and it didn’t let me says. I’ve been restricted . I did All 2fa and they concluded my ID has been verified but still locked out to send or buy crypto , I called them later and they said I sent $ to a blacklisted address and I haven’t even sent anything … crazyyyyyy
    Now they said I should wait 8 more days and my account will be unrestricted I hope they don’t screw me up again

  2. Abongwine rene

    My account have being restricted

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