The Cheapest Cryptocurrencies Expected To Explode In 2022

The Cheapest Cryptocurrencies Expected To Explode In 2022

Cryptocurrencies are kicking into more and more of our economies as of late and for all you speculators out there looking into investing on a good bet, this article is just about the right place to get the most relevant and researched answer.

Today we’re covering all the cheapest options for you to start off safe or if you’re an already experienced investor, you can get these under your belt considering the speculation of their blow-up anytime around 2022. So without further jibber-jabber, let’s walk you through it!

Cheapest alt-coins to buy in 2022

The list we are going to disclose below contains the cheapest cryptocurrencies as opposed to the classical in-demand and blown-up ones that we hear about today on the headlines of any article related to digital currencies.

Bitcoin and ethereum topping the list doesn’t quite mean it’s easier to bet and hoard on them since they fluctuate all the time and not to mention, still cause losses that too, amplified to their expensive values. So we bring you the cheapest ones to start off with and hoard on before they go kaboom in their demand which is expected around 2022.

#1 Dogecoin

This cryptocurrency wasn’t originated with the usual intentions for an alt coin but more for fun but as it went around the market and people started profiteering from it, it became a real deal. Since the beginning of 2021, this cryptocurrency’s price has been blasting the roof with a whopping 4889% increase recorded by the end of the year. While most of it could be credited to the fact that Elon Musk’s tweet reassured his support for the DOGE coin. Considering it’s affordability in the face of its success, it stands to be quite a lucrative option for those who are willing to bet on it.

#2 Shiba Inu

This cryptocurrency is much like Dogecoin as well as it’s biggest competitor. It started off as a meme but later turned into a serious alt-coin with major success as of recent. With a growing trade base and a faithful following, SHIB has gotten a strong selling point where the community has even created an NFT project based off of this cryptocurrency to attract potential investors. It’s cheap and efficient and expected to soar anytime around 2022 so for all you opportunists, this is your sign.

#3 XRP

XRP is a coin which is native to an enterprise blockchain company called Ripple. Ripple is known to conduct global transactions and XRP is one of its open-source digital currencies which means that it makes use of an open-source ledger known as the XRP ledger. According to the claims of their creator, this cryptocurrency was made for settling transactions making payments secure and efficient and faster compared to many other alt-coins which means it’s a win-win if you start off with this one.

#4 Avalanche

Avalanche was introduced to the list of cryptocurrencies in 2020 and it is mainly a competitor of Ethereum which facilitates creation of custom blockchains on their ecosystem as well as decentralized applications. Avalanche (AVAX) has gained a record high value beating many major competing al-coins so it makes for the perfect choice if you’re looking into investing in 2022.

#5 Terra

Another one of the newest cryptocurrencies in the market is Terra which has recently gained success and it’s only a matter of time before its value blows up big. For a short while, this alt-coin left behind several major digital currencies in a single day standing amidst the major cryptocurrencies. This is again a sound option for newbies as well as general investors looking to speculate in 2022.

#6 Cardano

Created by mathematicians and engineers and cryptography experts, Cardano is a research-backed alt-coin and is one of the cheapest on the menu if you’re thinking about pouring your wallet into cryptocurrencies in 2022. It is also decentralized, open-sourced, and achieved the usage of proof-of-stake with consensus. It also allows you to conduct peer-to-peer transactions using the ADA token.

#7 VeChain

Here’s another cryptocurrency that comes with both affordability as well as potential to soar high and become a major alt-coin in 2022. It belongs to the VeChain Thor Blockchain. VeChain enables investors to facilitate business processes like management of the supply chains.

#8 Polygon

Another cryptocurrency with a detailed background originating from the Polygon Matica which is protocol and a framework for building blockchain networks that are Ethereum-compatible and aggregate scalable solutions on the ecosystem supporting Ethereum. The creators of this alt-coin are expanding their operations more and more through updating thE system and creating metaverse designs. Hence, it’s a strong digital currency to invest in for 2022.

#9 Polkadot

The creators of Polkadot claim that their DOT token has three main uses including operating and providing governance for the network as well as creating parachains through bonding of Polkadot tokens. With a rough estimate of 468% gain in its value in this year alone, it is again one of the brighter options to invest in come 2022.

#10 Deccentraland

This digital currency also has a unique origin as it’s created based on a virtual reality game that goes by the same name and is related to the Ethereum blockchain. Unlike other typical alt-coins, this one serves the investors in a unique system of operation where the token is a 3D virtual world. Investors can buy land in this virtual reality for the purpose of creating content and monetizing it as well as buying goods and services and exploring other properties. It’s a combination of interesting, affordable and potential to invest in 2022.



With the cryptocurrencies becoming a big part of a financial revolution we’re almost hitting, new investors are key to keep the trade and interest going. Press institutions from around the world also keep a watch on the daily movements of these digital currencies and their impact on the economy with the growing reach of their networks.

Although the disclaimer stands about the market for crypto being extremely volatile and hence risky, this article should be a sound way out for you all as investors without a deep knowledge of estimating how the market fluctuates.

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