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How To Configure Mail Blaster Tools

Mail Blaster Pro Free Email Marketing Software

Mail Blaster is a free email marketing software. You can send email to thousands of users by using this software. This software is fully free in lite version. Mail blaster will not cost a single penny for using the lite version. You can use any mail server like gmail, outlook, yahoo as well as your own hosted mail server. You can add multiple SMTP accounts and rotate them. You can send email in plain text format and HTML template format also. Today I will write about how you can configure Mail Blaster tools.


How To Install Mail Blaster Pro

#1 Step

After downloading Mail Blaster Pro, you will find a folder which contains two files such as ReadMe & setup.

#2 Step

Click the setup file and install the software. It will ask for installation password. You will find the password on ReadMe file. The installation password is “QMCJEP9AR3UNS5UEHSJDKFH

#3 Step

At the last step just click “Finish” button. You may get a message like below. Ignore the message by clicking “OK” button and start Mail Blaster tools from the shortcut icon created on your desktop or search in start menu.

mail blaster installation


How To Configure Mail Blaster Pro Tools

how to configure mail blaster pro

#1 Add SMTP Accounts

Before using Mail Blaster Pro you have to configure your SMTP. Click on the tab SMTP. In the add SMTP box fill the Display Name, Your Email Address, Password of Your Email, Outgoing Mail Server, SMTP Port Number, Tick Enable SSL(if your server supports) Then click SAVE button. If your configuration is correct then you will get a test mail in your inbox. In my case the configuration is looked like below. In this way you can add as many SMTP account as you want. While sending mail the software will rotate SMTP randomly.

adding smtp to mail blaster pro

#2 Import SMTP Accounts

You can also import SMTP accounts from excel file. Click the SAMPLE button. You will get the import file format. Put the value correctly and save and close the excel file. Then import the SMTP accounts. You can import as many SMTP accounts as you want. You will find the result of import in the log file by clicking the LOG button.

how to import smtp accounts

#3 Update Delete SMTP Accounts

You can update or delete any SMTP accounts. Just select the account that you want to edit from the table right. Then change your value and click UPDATE or DELETE button.

how to update delete smtp accounts

#4 Backup And Restore SMTP Accounts

You can backup and restore all your SMTP accounts by clicking BACKUP or RESTORE button.

#5 How To Send Bulk Email

In the MAIL BLAST tab you can type your receivers email addresses or you can upload the list from a text file. If you want to send plain text email then Mail Type will be Text. Otherwise Mail Type will be File. If you select File then you have to upload a valid html email templates by clicking the “Template” button. Otherwise you have to type your message in the Body Textbox. You have to also write the email subject. Then simply click Start Button. The mail sending task will be started. In reply to box you can put the email address in where the receiver will reply. This is optional.

How To Send Bulk Email

#6 Checking Log Or Result

After completing the sending task you will get a message that successfully completed. Click the LOG button to see the sending report.


How To Configure Your Email With Mail Blaster Free Email Marketing Tools

Enter the required information for connecting your smtp email with Mail Blaster

Display Name: Your Name

Email Address: Your Email Address

Password: Your Email’s Password

Outgoing Mail Server: / /

Port Number: 587 / 25 / 465

Interval: As per your preference

Enable SSL: As per your smtp provider.

Now click “Test” button from Mail Blaster. Then you will find that your Email is working with Mail Blaster.

You can download the software from here. How To Download & Install Mail Blaster Software.

Disclaimer: This article is for learning on how to configure mail blaster tools. We do not promoting any software or tools. We also not encourage people to spam. Your SMTP may get block by using this software. So be aware about the capacity from your mail provider.

That’s all about how to configure & use mail blaster software. Feel free to write comment here or contact us if you face any problem.


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