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How To Test Spamming Score Of Your Emails

Spamming Score

Spamming score is a score which ensure that your email will send to receiver inbox or spam box. It is a very common and important issue when email marketing comes to the picture. The hardest challenge of email marketing is to ensure that the mail is receiving to inbox. If you have not configured you mail server properly then the probability of receiving your mail to spam box of your targeted list will increase. So the penny and effort you spend for getting response from your targeted list will waste. So it is mandatory to check the spamming score of your emails. I will show you one of the easiest and effective way to test spamming score of your emails.

Why May You Mark As Spammer?

Suppose you are not a spammer. You are a real seller who wants to reach to the customers through mail marketing. But how the most popular email provider like Google, Outlook and others will recognize you that you are not a spammer. Because you are not a spammer and only you know it. So you have to ensure some settings in your mail server to proof your identity to other mail server. There are some technical term for these such as SSL, IP REPUTATION, SPF, DKIM, Reverse DNS and DMARC. I considered that you have fixed all these terms. So now it’s time to check spamming score of you email. I will share you one of the easiest and effective way to test spamming score of your emails that I use.

Spamming Score Measurement

Spamming score is measured based on some important settings of you email server which I have already mentioned. Also if your mail server IP Address is black listed or not. The total score of the spamming checker is 10. If you achieve at least 8 out of 10 then the inbox ratio will be satisfactory. So let’s discover to test spamming score of your emails.

#1 Step

First visit mail tester website. There you will find a email address like Remember that this is an auto generated temporary email address. It may not same for everybody and every time. Just copy the email address.

How To Test Spamming Score Of Your Emails

#2 Step

Now login to your email account of which you want to check spamming score and send a decent email to the email address that you have copied from step 1.

How To Test Spamming Score Of Email

#3 Step

After sending the mail just go back to mail tester and click the “Then check your score button“.

check your score

#4 Step

After clicking on “Then check your score button” it will show your spamming score. In my case it has showed like below.

spamming score of mail

That’s all. Don’t forget to write a comment on how much score have you achieved. If you face any issue feel free to contact us.

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