10 Simple 70s Theme Outfit Ideas

10 Simple 70s Theme Outfit Ideas Which Are Back In 2022

Gaucho pants, bowling shirts, hot pants, leisure suits, flared pants, crochet outfits, twisted halter necks, one-shoulder sequin, headscarves, and more are 70s theme outfit. Pop music, movies, television, religion, many civil rights, and other countries made an impact in 70s fashion.

Want to try 70s theme outfit?  Read this article thoroughly and know all about 70s themes ideas, outfits, and how to try them.

70s Theme Outfits Ideas Which Are Back In 2022

  • Flared PANTS
  • Structured Vests
  • Crochet Clothing
  • Upside Down Bikini
  • Fun Graphic Tees
  • Twisted Halter Necks
  • One Shoulder Sequin
  • Extreme Side Cutouts
  • Bandeau Halter Top
  • Breezy Florals
  • Headscarves

What Are The 70s Themes?

70s Vintage Theme Outfit

  • Bowling Shirt: 70s men used to wear bowling shirts. Women used to wear extremely tight-fitting outfits.


  • Leisure Suits: 70s most common styles were wearing leisure suits. Leisure suits became popular from the movie, ‘Saturday Night Fever.


  • Women With Masculine Outfits: Wearing masculine pants with matching jackets, ties, vests was popular at that time.


  • Jogging Suits: Jogging suits were the American trend loved by most of the 70s people.


  • Gaucho Pant: Gaucho pants are wide-legged trousers to the knee.


  • Hot Pants: Hot pants are tight-fitting shorts. Hot pants were so popular at that time.


  • Wrap Dress: An one piece of fabric wrapped around the body, sewing in a tie was trendy in the 70s.


70s Halloween Theme Outfit/ Costume

  • Kiss Halloween Costume: White & black face paint with 70s Kiss Halloween costume will make your Halloween party rock.


  • Diana Rose Costume: The 70s Diana Rose outfit was collected by most of the wardrobe collection.


  • Disco Diva Costume: 70s most of the theme outfits come from disco fashion. Disco Diva isn’t different from that.


  • Star Wars Costume: A fan of Star War? Then you may remember the Star War costumes.


  • Wonder Woman Costume: Who doesn’t know the Justice League Member Wonder Woman costume.


  • Shazam Costume: Suit up in the Shazam costume and protect the world from Sivana.


  • Elvis Presley Costume: Elvis Presley costume was one of the trendy outfits in the 70s.


  • Farrah Fawcett Costume: Farrah Fawcett’s classic red was one of the iconic costumes at that time.


  • CHiPs: What about Jon or Ponch patrolling the Los Angeles streets with a CHiPs costume.


  • The Hulk Costume: There are no kids who didn’t play the hulk game. This hulk outfit trend was also from the 70s.


  • Sesame Street Costume: The 1970’s children’s favorite ‘Sesame Street’ show’s outfits are still popular.


  • Ziggy Stardust Costume: David Bowie’s ziggy stardust outfit was famous from the 70s.


  • Full Dolar Costume: ‘A Fist Full of Dollars’ costumes or spaghetti western costumes will be best for a Halloween party.


  • T costume: Feeling pity for the fool who can’t remember this iconic Mr, T costume.


  • Scooby-Doo Costume: Take your classic scooby doo costume and fight with monsters.


  • Mork & Mindy: What about spaceman suits from the 70s? This work & Mindy was popular as a spaceman suit.


  • The Jetson’s Costume: The Jetson’s costume is from the popular Jetson member outfits.


  • Willy Wonka Costume: Remember the candy man, Willy Wonka?


  • Bruce Lee Costume: Bruce Lee’s iconic yellow jumpsuits is still one the popular theme outfit.


  • Grease Costume: 1978 grease costume was inspired by Danny, Sandy, Rizzo.


  • Potato Head Costume: Though the outfit was invented in the 1940s, it gained popularity in the 70s theme.


  • The Godfather Vito Corleone Costume: Have you seen the Godfather movie? The Godfather Veto Corleone costume was one of the most famous mafia outfits in the 70s. You can also recreate the outfit.


  • Carrie Costume: The 70s Carrie costume can be perfect for your Halloween party.


  • Donna Summer Costume: Donna’s summer costume was inspired by the fashion icon Donna.


  • Rocky Balboa Costume: Rocky Balboa costume was like an Italian touch.


  • Sam Quint Costume: A veteran shark hunter Sam Quint costume was inspired by the Jaws.


  • Rick James Costume: Rick James costume was trendy in the 70s.


  • Hippie Costume: If you asked what was the most followed outfit or costume in the 70s, that is hippie costume. This costume was loved by every hippie lover.


There are more 70s outfits or costumes. Like,

  • Rubik’s Cube Costume
  • Freddie Mercury Costume
  • Little House On The Prairie Costume
  • Blues Brothers Costume
  • The Village People Costume
  • Charlie’s Angels Costume
  • Forrest Gump & Jenny Costume
  • Debbie Harry Costume
  • Monty Python & The Quest For The Holy Grail Costume
  • Pepper Costume
  • Fleetwood Mac Costume
  • Sony’s Cheer Costume
  • Superman Costume
  • The Rocky Horror Picture Show Costume
  • I dream of Jeannie Costume
  • Elton John Costume:
  • Greatest American Hero Red Costume
  • Grateful Dead Costume


When others are trending to modern outfits, you can make your wardrobe different by choosing 70s theme outfits. 70s theme gives you a refreshment of fun theme outfits inspired by retro aesthetics. Men & women used to show their wide range of attitudes through the 70s outfits.

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