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12 Best 50s Outfit Ideas For Girls

Want to look like Marilyn Monroe? Or want to dress up like Grace Kelly? Then you have to go back to the 1950s era. These fashion icons were from the 50s fashion era. Today’s most of the ready-to-wear styles are inspired by the 50s outfit ideas. I will share 12 best 50s outfit ideas with you.

50s Outfit Colors

In the 50s there were some repeated colors through the decade. Like, coral, teal, dark green, light pink, cream, aqua, powder blue, rose, maize, kelly green, lilac. These colors were suited for spring & summer. And for the winter, they used to wear black, rust, dark brown, royal blue, red, charcoal grey, gold, wine, purple, olive, navy, and more colors.

50s Outfit Fabrics

In the 50s, synthetic fabrics were gradually introduced to the fashion industry. At that time, people loved to wear fabrics that were a mix of natural & synthetic. They mostly wore cotton, denim, silk, rayon, net, organdy, wool, flannel, Indian headcloth, nylon. And the popular prints were polka dots, gingham checks, abstract print, floral, plaid and more.

50s Outfit Ideas

#1 Colorful Prints: Colorful prints with fit and flare silhouettes were so popular at that time. You may have seen this type of outfit in many 50s movies. Floral prints, check prints, plaid prints, polka dot prints, abstract prints, cotton prints were some trendy prints.

#2 Pencil Skirts: Marilyn Monroe is a fashion icon for us. Many of us are inspired by her. Pencil skirts are one of her outfit styles. She has nailed the pencil skirt outfit trend. If you have enough full skirts and want to try something new, then go for pencil skirts. This type of skirt will give you a close-fitting or slinky look. It’s upon you how you highlight your style. On the runways, many models are seen in pencil skirts.

#3 Silhouettes Fashion: 50s silhouettes were the topic of the town. And we are still wearing those silhouettes.

#4 Cropped Trouser: Who doesn’t know the late film stars Audrey Hepburn from the 50s? She was not only popular for her acting but also for her fashion. And cropped trousers are one of them. Audrey Hepburn was mostly known for her elegance. To wear cropped trousers, you can choose gingham, black or a summer print. Then match this with a light color shirt with a roll neck. And for shoes, choose something like flat ballet pumps.

#5 Denim Jeans: Blue denim, cotton denim in multiple weights with plaid patterns and bold stripes. For denim jeans, heavyweights fabrics were used.

#6 Gingham Checks: If you asked what is in the top 50s fashion, then that is gingham checks. Pastel color small checks were a popular style at that time. Pu gingham checks out outfits in your spring collection.

#7 Cocktail Dress: Are you going to a cocktail party? Then why not dress up with a cocktail outfit! The cocktail outfit is from 50s fashion outfit trends. A cocktail is like a calf-length outfit worn for a party or small gatherings. These types of gatherings are typically held between 6 to 8 pm. If you want to try this cocktail outfit, then go for it. It fits you between a ball gown and an everyday dress. You can wear this below the knee or as you like.

#8 A-Line Midi-skirts: Don’t like full-length skirts? Then choose midi skirts for your new style. A-line midi skirts are from the 50s popular outfits. Girls, as well as women, loved this skirt so much that they even wore it at informal gatherings. And nowadays, girls wear this for both casual and formal fashion.

#9 High-waisted Shorts: High-waisted shorts were 50s outfit trends that were mostly worn in resorts. These high-waisted shorts were loved by the teens. It is perfect for your summer outing. When you are stuck choosing your holiday outfit, high-waisted jeans will solve your problem a little. You can pair these shorts with a full sleeve blouse or shirt. Also, take a Panama hat with you.

#10 Lace Fashion: Remember Grace Kelly’s wedding dress from the 50s fashion. Her wedding dress became a hot topic in 1956 where she wore a lace wedding gown standing beside Helen Rose. Even the Duchess of Cambridge was inspired by her lace fashion.

#11 Sack Fashion: A waistless, formless outfit was introduced in the 50s by the fashion houses Givenchy and Balenciaga. If you want to wear a sack dress, then choose the spring season. It will give you a look for shorter hemlines.

#12 Menswear-inspired Fashion: Did you see any 1950s movies? Have you seen any girl wearing a dress like menswear? Wearing menswear-inspired dresses was also a trend in the 50s. Girls used to like this outfit as it somehow presented a cool-girl look. Want to dress up like this? Take a men’s shirt or blazer and wear it with rolled-up trousers.

Marilyn Monroe, Grace Kelly, Edith Head, Brigitte Bardot, Cristobal Balenciaga, Sophia Loren, and many more are 50s fashion inspirations for use. Wear these 50s outfits to rock your day.

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