2000s Mens Fashion Trends

2000s Mens Fashion Trends

Your friends may go for the next hottest trends, but do they know these styles are pulled from decades ago? These are 2000s mens fashion. That’s the point where your style will stand out.

Most of the time, fashion designers take inspiration from the past for a new upcoming fashion. They recreate the designs from the past, whether it be the 50s gingham checks, high-waisted shorts, or 80s ruffled shirts, acid wash jeans, or 70s leisure suits, gaucho pants.

But recreating designs, you can leave the worst by pulling the best from the past. The 50s fashion, 70s fashion and even 90s fashion was good but the sudden wave in 2000 men’s fashion was something else.

For men, who love 2000 fashion, but still want to stay in the current, this article is for them. These 2000s mens fashion will make a comeback in the fashion trend. So, the iconic trends of 2000s men’s fashion are:

2000s Mens Fashion Ideas

  • Sweatbands

Whether you were going to a gym or coming from the court, sweatbands had one of the most bizarre crossover apparel. Sweatbands had come from the hip-hop culture that later became an accessory. It was one of the hot topics in the 2000s in emo & punk circles.


  • Streaky Hair

Streaky hair was mostly popular among boy bands. Later it became a trend to highlight hair like this and look sun-kissed. Though it didn’t look so good, somehow people liked it.

  • Tall Tees

What about something simple? Tall tees were one of the visible trends in hip-hop. It was like an African- American stereotype. But that time this t-shirt was banned in the clubs for controversy as a sign of drug dealers. However tall tees were so hit in the 2000s.

  • Trucker Hats

Von Dutch trucker hats were like a revolution in the 2000 men’s fashion. Britney Spears and Ashton Kutcher brought the hats to the front. This was one of the ironic fashion staples of the 2000s.

  • Bootcut Jeans

Though bootcut jeans were worn from the turn of the century, it was worn by huge people in the 2000s. It was like straight jeans with a wide base opening. If women had their flare jeans then men had their bootcut jeans.

  • Tracksuits

Did you know tracksuits were also in the 2000s? This trend of wearing tracksuits came at that time as the center of the athleisure megatrend. It became a style of wearing tracksuits as regular outfits instead of sports, athletes.

  • Yellow Livestrong Bracelets

If you are from 2000, then you must have yellow Livestrong bracelets. These yellow bracelets were a hit that time. If you want a 2000s costume for your Halloween party, then choose these bracelets first. N’Sync boys started the trend of wearing yellow Livestrong bracelets.

  • Popped Collar Polos

To show off wealth & privilege with a preppy style, these popped-collar polos are perfect. The brand prep Americana brought this trend to the focus. You may remember Kanye West wearing popped-collar polos on his first album.

  • Cardigans

Sometimes styling your grandpa’s look is not bad. The 000s trend used this thought. In the uprise time of hipster culture, geek chic trends became popular that would give a grandpa look.

  • All Over Print

All over print was another trendy men’s outfit at that time. Bape & Billionaire Boys hip-hop the sun-kissed club brought the print trend to the front. And it was in almost everything from t-shirts to hats. You can also recreate this outfit. Take pastel-colored t-shirts or any outfit with a repeating design like icons or graphics. These pastel-colored outfits were noticed even very far away.

  • Bucket Hats

Remember BTS Jungkook, wearing bucket hats? Bucket hats are not just the only 2020 trend but also a 2000s men’s fashion trend. LL Cool J & RUN DMC brought the bucket hats trend to the focus. Bucket hats are still famous in Earl Sweatshirt & Schoolboy Q.

  • Tinted Sunglass

Remember Drake & Bella Hadid wearing tinted sunglasses? But this trend was also from the 2000s men’s fashion. These tinted glasses are so stylish.

  • Cargo Pants

Today’s one of the most streamlined outfit cargo pants has come from the 2000s men’s fashion. Cargo pants are such cool outfits for men’s fashion. You should try it.

  • Skater Style

Like cargo pants, skater style is another cool item. Skater-style baggy jeans are also trending now but have little difference. Today’s baggy jeans style has less baggy jeans with a clear silhouette whereas the 2000s style has more baggy jeans with chunky sneakers, chains.


There are more 2000s men’s fashion. Like,

  • Throwback Jersey
  • Skull Scarf
  • V Neck TShirts
  • Messenger Bags
  • Embellish Denim
  • Multiple Pop Color
  • Matrix Coats
  • Double Denim
  • Tattoo- Inspired
  • Pink Outfit
  • Colored Skinny Jeans
  • Bieber Hair

Sometimes, you need to go back to pull out the best fashion. Even a fashion designer has to take fashion inspiration most of the time from the 2000s, 90s, 80s, and more.

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