Difference Between Introvert And Extrovert

Difference Between Introvert, Extrovert And Ambivert

The differences between introvert vs extrovert vs ambivert? Introverts and extroverts are extreme opposites in personality types. For the longest time though, you were considered either one or the other. But, to be either an introvert or extrovert, you have to have more of one type of trait than the other. However, there’s another personality type – ambivert. It falls somewhere in the middle of the two extremes. So, how does an introvert vs extrovert vs ambivert differ from one another?

Are You An Introvert?

If you are an introvert, you tend to recharge by spending time alone. Being alone with your thoughts is as restorative as sleeping, and just as nourishing as eating. You also tend to think things through, especially before speaking or making a decision. Unexpected changes and last-minute surprises usually make you upset. You prefer to have a small, close group of friends and you appreciate spending one-on-one time with them. But, you are not necessarily shy though! You may not even avoid social situations! However, you lose energy from being around people for long periods of time. You definitely need some time alone after spending time in a crowd.

Are You An Extrovert?

If you are an extrovert, you actually gain energy from others! Your energy is outward, towards people and things. You need a lot of stimulation, and have no problem expressing your emotions. You find that your energy is depleted when you spend too much time alone, and you recharge by being social. You like variety and action, and strive for achievement. Many of you also want to change the world – at least in one way or another; and are more willing to put yourselves out there and actually do something about it. As an extrovert, you are easily accessible and understandable, and you possess a relaxed and confident attitude. However, you tend to act first and think later!

Are You An Ambivert?

If you have both extroverted and introverted traits, then you are an ambivert. This means that you generally enjoy being around people, but after a long time they will start to drain you. Similarly, you enjoy quiet and solitude, but not for too long. You recharge your energy levels with a mixture of social interaction and some alone time. You may also come across to others as being boring – simply by falling in the middle of the spectrum. But, this balance can actually be a good thing! You are flexible and you can adjust pretty well in most situations. Introverts and extroverts are the extremes of personality types. Ambiverts fall somewhere in the middle, and are quite balanced between the two tendencies. So, does this mean that one personality type is better than the other? The answer is no. The truth is, the world needs all of these personality types, and we come in contact with a variety of personalities throughout our daily lives – from extreme introverts to extreme extroverts, and everyone in between.

Which of these personality types do you belong to? And how do those traits impact you in your personal or professional life? Let us know in the comments below.


  1. Machar Albino

    Hello, my name is Machar. I came to know about my type as an introvert. But I want to know does a person inherent this habit?

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