How To Break Down Complication Of Life

How To Break Down Complication Of Life

Now a days I have heard an adage from most of the people that is “Life is complicated”. Most them has already started believing it as gospel truth. But the truth is actually life is very simple to those person who knows the way how to live. The most common reason among us that is the inability to organize daily tasks and responsibilities which give us a realization that our life is really complicated.

Simplifying our life defines that to rid of chaos and clutter and finding peace and meaning in every moments. However it’s the process is not very simple. Don’t think of it as your destination but your journey. There may come a situation that you have to take one step backward after taking two steps forward. But the only thing that you keep inside you is patience.

Here I will describe some hacks that will simplify your life and help you to break down complication of life.

Break Your Larger Goal Into Small

You may make a plan with a resolution of a year in the starting of year and you may miserably fail in keeping up with your plan. It doesn’t mean that you give up. Here is a simple hack: set 3 goals per month instead of setting¬† 40 goals a year. Break your larger goal into smaller parts so that you can accomplish long pending tasks without as much efforts. I think it will help you to break down complication of life.

Save Some Money

It is very easy to breakdown at the end of the month which creates complication, perhaps we all have faced or still facing. No matter how much you try, money does not stay in your account till the end of the month. Here is a helpful tips for saving money: spend 50% of your monthly income for living expenses, expense 30% for your daily life style and keep aside the rest 20% for in savings. This technique is known as 50/30/20 rules and it really works to break down complication of life.

How To Break Down Complication Of Life

Automation Or Delegation Of Housework

We are living in an era of technology where it is replacing manual effort. Tasks that require enormous amount of effort and time can now be completed within a matter of minutes. From washing cloths and dishes to wiping floor can now be automated. Also there are some specialized services that may do housework on behalf of you. You can use such technology and services to simplify your life.

Refine Your Inbox

It can be extremely annoying to see a barrel of useless emails when you open your email inbox. At the same time you may become frustrated with this useless spam email that is totally irrelevant to your necessity. Also your important emails get lost into the dent. Take time at the end of the day to clean up your inbox from these also unsubscribe from those newsletter that you don’t need actually. It will really works to free up both your virtual and mental spaces.

Be Smart With Your Smartphone

Now most of us have a smartphone. Do not keep yourself using smartphone in the limitation of making call and sending text messages. You can organize your daily tasks, set reminders, take notes and more. There are a plenty of apps that may change the way of your smartphone usages.

Think Positive And Be Happy

Being happy is so tough while being unhappy is very easy. You may become unhappy just thinking of that you don’t have this but other have this. It is true that most of us always think more about what what we have compare to what we don’t have. But you have to believe that the life your are leading now is the expectation of the half of the people in this world. Your life is a dream to them. So stop thinking of what you don’t have. It will easily make you unhappy. Think positive and always think about what you have. It will make you happy.


Disclaimer: This article is an instructive post. This advice may not work for all. We don’t force anyone to abide or follow these article.


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