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How To Wear A Hijab For Modest Fashion

When we hear about hijab, firstly people think that ‘hijab’ is only for Muslim women. Yeah, obviously for Muslim women but the hijab has another most important usage which people are not usually conscious about. From ancient to the present age, hijab fashion has been updated from time to time. So, if you are one of them, this article can be helpful for you.

First of all, the hijab has many uses and styles that one may adopt for their purpose.

In ancient times, the hijab was only for Muslim women for a veil but in the presence, girls also wear it to protect hair from ultraviolet radiation. It damages hair fiber. So if anyone wants to prevent dryness, stiffness, and brittleness, hijab is an amazing option.

As I said before, from ancient to present age, hijab fashion has been updated from time to time.

Once a Hijab was known as a headscarf. Now it is called a hijab and has a broader concept.

Until the 1990s, hijab in fashion was worn with a burqa or clog. After that, In Asian culture,  it is worn with burqa, Kamiz, Kurti, etc.

In European countries, hijab is worn with the -leg jeans or skinny jeans, top- shirt or jacket- suit, etc.


How To Wear A Hijab For Modest Fashion?

Okay, this was a hijab story in a nutshell but it would not make you unable to wear a hijab, right? Let’s see how to wear a hijab for modest fashion-


Step 1# Decide first, what you gonna wear with the hijab. If it’s a burqa or Jilbab or type of clog, then take a lengthy hijab to wear.

Or,  if you wanna choose a western outfit like jeans, a top, a jacket, or a winter dress, then choose a short or medium-length hijab.


Step 2# Take a cap and wear it underneath your hijab, this will help you to fix the hijab in place,

You have to also keep in mind the color combination for both outfits.


How Many Types of Hijab Are There?

Well, the trend of wearing hijab is increasing day by day. Muslims, non- Muslims all types of people are wearing hijab for both formal and casual looks. They even sometimes change the hijab style to match their look.

However, there are a lot of hijab types. Like,

● Khimar

Khimar is like a longer hijab. It’s almost similar to a dupatta. But where dupatta remains open, their khimar is covered. It will cover your head, neck, and also shoulder. Most of the Egyptian women wear khimar.

● Dupatta

What we typically know about hijab, the dupatta is a little bit different from that. Dupatta is seen mostly in Asian countries. It is worn mostly at weddings or any bridal program. It is suited with a saree or lehenga. It is embroidered and has light material.

● Al- Amira

Amira is such a short version of the hijab. It will attach your head closely and is known as a two-piece head covering.

Though the Syrian Muslim women wear mostly this amira, as we said before, hijab styles are changing. Amira is now worn by most girls, women. There are some benefits to wearing amira. Like, it remains more closely attached than other hijab types. So, it is easy to keep it for a long time. Again, you can combine amira with other hijab. Wear the amira at first, then wear the other hijab. It will create another beautiful look.

● Bukhnuq

It almost looks like a khimar but comes down to the bosom. People call it amira hijab when it is embroidered at the edge.

● Bushiyya

Bushiyya is kind of a veil that is tied to the forehead. Its falls will cover your entire face with no cutout. But you can still see from the inner as it is seen through. It is worn by Middle East women.

● Chador

Chador is a comfortable hijab type that is perfect for any aged woman. It’s a long piece of fabric attached with a small headscarf. It is perfect for praying Namaz. But you can wear it anytime. People of Iraq, Iran, Lebanon use this chador very much.

● Niqab

If you have gone to Saudi Arabia, you may have seen women wearing niqabs. It is their official head attire. The niqab is a type of hijab that covers your head, face & shoulders having a front slit for the eyes. You can just wear a one-piece niqab or combine it with another hijab.

● Turban

Turban is a trending hijab nowadays. It comes from the African Muslim fashion. It is generally a lifted-up hijab, wrapping around their heads. They are adapted to turban not only for their style but also for protecting them from hot temperatures and blazing sun.

● Esarp

Esarp is a Turkish popular hijab style. Esarp is usually different from the other hijab and it creates a fashionable look. If you want to buy esarp, then choose a silk square fabric that you can wear around your head & neck.

● Kerudung

Kerudung is a Philippines and Indonesia popular hijab style.


Wearing a hijab is not limited to religion nowadays. Now hijab is worn by most girls, women to create a fashionable look. Plus, the hijab protects your hair from being damaged and UV rays by covering your head.

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