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Top 5 Dark Skin Beauty Makeup Tips For Girls

When you hear the word ‘Dark Skin’, what comes first in your mind? How to make it fair skin? What type of fair skin makeup products should I use to look fair? These types of more ridiculous questions may come into your thoughts. But do you know how beautiful dark skin is! If you don’t know then this article is for you. Today I will try to share everything about dark skin beauty.

What Is Dark Skin?

Dark skin is one of human skin colors, enriched in melanin pigments. Dark-skinned people have more melanin and melanocytes than other skin people. Melanosomes work as a higher protector against ultraviolet radiation.

Do You Need Fair Skin?

Many people are crazy about fair skin and try many products on their skin to get typical light skin. Especially, if you are Asian, they may have already seen this crazy fair complexion. But, it’s not all the general people’s fault. Even the media also promote fair skin through their marketing. But did you ever think about why I need to have fair skin! Fair skin people tend to have dark skin! No, then why should I go for fair skin when I already had beautiful dark skin? It’s not about dark skin and fair skin. It’s about a dark and fair mentality. The more you think fairly, the more beautiful you are.

How Many Types of Skin Tones Are There?

Before using makeup or any kind of skin product on your skin, you need to know about types of skin tones. These skin tones are mostly found in dark skin color. Like,

  • Ivory: Ivory skin tone has golden, pinkish, peach, bluish undertone.
  • Beige: Beige skin tone is light brown with yellow or gray tint, gray-yellow, tan.
  • Honey: Oil-free, well-hydrated, supple skin.
  • Tan: Tan skin tone looks light to deep brown or even honey brown.
  • Caramel: Light brown to deep brown, caramel skin tone rich with golden undertones. You can even call it a medium tone.
  • Chestnut: From a medium brown to dark tan shade, chestnut skin tone is dark and has a tint of red.
  • Bronze: Darker than the tanned skin, bronze skin tone has a beautiful golden glow.
  • Mahogany: A ruddy, rusty, copper, or reddish-brown skin tone is in this mahogany skin tone.
  • Espresso Brown: Espresso brown goes with all types of dark skin tones. Adeola Ariyo, Tika Sumpter are celebrities who have an espresso brown skin tone.
  • Sable: Black color or dark brown sable skin tone almost looks like blue. This is a unique undertone with a brown undertone.
  • Cacao: Cacao skin tone has a brownish-red tint. This glowing cacao skin has a cool undertone.

Why Is Dark Skin Beautiful?

Every skin is beautiful, either fair skin or dark skin. But these points below are for those who can’t find any reasons why their dark skin is beautiful.


  • Dark skin is naturally adapted to sunlight
  • Melanin is an important pigment for our skin. It protects our skin cells from harmful Ultraviolet Radiation. And dark skin has enough melanin in skin cells.
  • Dark skin people can spend more time on breach than light skin people. You won’t face any blisters due to sun exposure.
  • You will experience fewer wrinkles, freckles, broken blood vessels on cheeks & noses, rough scaly spots, age spots than fair skin.
  • Dark skin has less chance of skin cancer.


Dark Skin Beauty Makeup

As a dark skin owner, you can’t follow that shade that fits light skin. Because one shade is not for all. You have to choose your skin tone foundation, concealer, and other makeup products. There are different types of skin, freckled, pale, sunburned, tanned, and dark mocha skin.

You may have already known how to do makeup. So, here we will discuss some makeup tips that will benefit you. Like,

#1 Find Your Right Color

There are all skin types of makeup products near you. You just have to find the right one that goes with your dark skin. Like if you have purple color under your eye, then choose a red-orange concealer.

#2 Bold Blush

Saturated rich colors go well with dark skin. So, use this type of blush. You can use bold lipstick shades also for blush

#3 Choose The Right Contour

You may sometimes don’t need contouring. But, if you feel you need it then do contouring with bronzer and highlighters.

#4 Eye Makeup

If you wear bold makeup except for your eyes, then go for muted eye makeup. On the contrary, if you want bold eye makeup, then wear muted makeup in the other part.

#5 Avoid Pale

Try to avoid pale colors or which have high white pigment. Because it will make your dark skin more grey.

Dark Skin Beauty Magazines

There are huge magazines on dark skin beauty, like Vogue, Black Beauty, Dark Skin, Skin Deep, and more. Make a habit of reading these magazines or articles.


Every skin is beautiful. There is no such fair and dark skin. It depends on your thoughts. So, change your mind first, and enjoy your skin color.

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