Top Ten 1980s Fashion Trends

Top Ten 1980s Fashion Trends

Want a Madonna to look at? Or George Michael style? Then this article for you. Know the 80s trends and pull out your style from this 1980s fashion.

1980 Fashion Trends

Before dipping into 1980s fashion, let’s know what was the trending fashion there. What people of that time would love to wear. And why is 80s fashion still trending in 2021?

Most of the trending 1980s fashion are:


  • Big Hair Fashion: Big curls, big bangs, big feathers were so popular in the 80s.


  • Ripped Knees: You won’t find any boring fashion in 80s fashion-loving people. Ripped jeans were so popular that even if anyone couldn’t buy ripped jeans, they used to cut the jeans and make them ripped.


  • Tracksuits: Tracksuits were one of the coolest fashions at that time, especially for kids. The ‘Beastie Boys’ were one of them who made this fashion popular.


  • Leg Warmers: To make them warm in the winter season, they used to wear leg warmers. Though it was first worn by some dancers, later it became fashionable for most people.


  • White Pumps: White pumps fashion was from the 80s. Especially the bridesmaid who wore the white pumps. But later, it became an iconic fashion of bold and sexy.


  • Shoulder Pads: To make a simple outfit professional, 80s fashion lovers follow these shoulder pads trends with blazers.


  • Cocacola Look: You may have seen the coca-cola white & red designs on television. This fashion was so trendy at that time. Young people love to wear this coca-cola design in a rugby shirt. designer Tommy Hilfiger brought fashion into focus.


  • Mini Skirts: Mini or short skirts were also a popular fashion among girls.


  • Ruffled Shirts: Ruffled shirts were popular to get an American fashion touch. It also gave them a royal look.


  • Leggins: A colorful and patterned legging was popular in the 1980s.


  • Side Ponytails: Side ponytails fashion was famous for both formal and casual looks.


  • Puffy Vests: Remember, ‘Back to the Future? This was the trendy topic among fashion lovers for its puffy vests outfit.


  • Acid Wash Jeans: Acid wash jeans were like a dominant outfit at that time. Though it was accidentally created, who would know that these acid wash jeans would be a trendy fashion.


  • Cazals: Cazal glasses became popular in 1980. Cari Zalloni, An Australian designer created this. This casual fashion had so many fans like Spike Lee and Run DMC.


  • Kangol Hats: From LL Cool J’s to kids, Kangol hats with Kangaroo logos were so popular at that time.


  • Just Jackets: Making fashion outfits just wearing jackets got popularity from the series ‘Stranger Things.


  • Spandex: If there is any fashion that is liked by everyone, that is spandex fashion.


  • Neon fashion: Though neon fashion is trendy in 2020, it was also popular in 1980s fashion. Rocking the style with neon colors that went brighter than any other color.


  • Croakies: There were so many croakies, sunglass lovers, in the 80s.


  • Animal Prints: Not only in the year 2020, but animal print fashion also became popular in 1980. And most common animal prints were zebra print, cheetah, and giraffe print.


  • Mullets: Mullets became so cool fashion in the 80s.


  • Mickey Mouse Cloth: Do you remember John Lennon wearing a Mickey Mouse ringer tee? Mickey mouse fashion became popular after that.


  • Ballet Shoes: 1980s is named as the birth of hip-hop culture. So the 1980s generation is named the hip-hop generation. Bally sneakers in the 80s were from hip-hop culture. Many celebrities including Slick Rick and Rakim liked the Ballet shoes then.


  • Cut-off Shirts: A combination of cut-out shirts at the bottom with high jeans was a 1980s trend.


  • Chunky Jewelry: 1980s fashion was bold, large, brighter, and different. Like this, gold chunky jewelry became popular among most people. Many celebrities including Mr. T and ‘The Sugarhill Gang’ members liked this fashion.


  • Jame Shorts: Hawaiian-inspired bold, big patterns came to the limelight through the Jame shorts. James shorts were from skater culture and loved by both men and women.


  • Lacey Shirts: Adding lacey or frills on almost every shirt was so common at that time. People loved to wear this type of frilly shirt.


  • Sperry Top-sider: Though Sperrys got popular in the 80s, it was first launched in 1930. People loved to pair spirits with sweaters and khaki clothes.


  • Ray-Ban Wayfarers: Are you a Tom Cruise fan? Then you may have seen a picture of Tom Cruise in ‘Risky Business’ wearing Ray-Ban Wayfarers. This fashion became a hot topic after the movie was released.


  • Swatch Watches: Swiss watchmaker Nicolas Hayek founded this swatch watch and grabbed the 1980s fashion market. These bright-colored cool watches were mostly liked by the 80s kids.


  • High-waisted Jeans: High-waisted jeans got popularity from the Freddie Mercury modeling.


  • Vans: Vans was named a California cool at that time. It became popular in the 1982 movie, ‘ Fast Times at Ridgemont High.


How To Dress The 80s In Normal Clothes?

You know everything comes back. 1980s fashion has also come back and almost become 2021 fashion. Nowadays, wearing 80s fashion outfits, jewelry is another trend. So, if you want to style like an 80s cool dude then first know the 80s outfits, accessories from here. After that, mix these with your fashion and create a different stunning look.


To be fashionable in this era, you have to know first where and how a particular style comes from. These 70s, 80s, 90s fashions can turn your boring style into a cool, stunning look.

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