How to earn money by email scraping
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How to Earn Money by Email Scraping

Do you want to earn money online or by using email? Now you in thinking that how men can earn money from email, yes you can earn money by email scraping. When the pandemic COVID-19 came into the world the total world was changed. People want to increase their business by setting up homes. When all covid came, the environment had been changed. Jobs are online, study online, business online shopping online, selling online, and promoting their business online. But when some go to promote their business then you need user email for promoting their business. In this process, we can also say email marketing.

You can earn by selling email online without any investment in this platform, so you invest your time and make practice the skill and by selling your skills you can earn money.


Email Scraping Tool

Use and Shane tools to extract the email and provide your client and earn money by selling it online. You can use different categories to extract emails from them. These categories can be SEO writing, medical, fashion. Business, and other different categories to extract emails from them and earn. You can extract these emails from any social media market or any other research engine. You can select a Location from any place in the world, it will be the UK, US, Canada, Pakistan, and any country in the world or any city in the world.


How Can you Use the Tools to Extract Email from Any Social Media?

#1 Step 1

First of all, you go to google and search and click on the start button. Then you will get the next page here. If you want to place an image there then you can get access to them and create this page.

How to Earn Money by Email Scraping


When you write, you get this type of page in front of you. Click on the get started button and go to the next page where you will get another page. Here you find a new search button on this page and click on them. After doing this you should write any things which you want to search about mean which subject you want to email “Facebook” and then click on the button. This is the main page of our search engine. Here you should write that keyword which is like I want to scrap email about SEO.

How to Earn Money by Email Scraping


#2 Step 2

This is a more important step for extracting email from any social media page or any social platform. The main keyword which you should write there with adding an extension such as “target keyword ”” country like that. I can tell you in the very best easy so I will write their complete keyword. “ SEO” “” US write there.

How to earn money by email scraping


Here you will get a page of emails data. You should copy all the data then next is to explain in step 3.

#3 Step 3

In step three you should write in a new tap of chrome “ free email extractor online” then you get a pager here you should paste all the data which you have copied from the previous page and then you should some settings about this page. First, you should select the new line from where a comma is written and then click extract data. Here you will get the final emails that you want to extract.

Gigs Title

You can create gigs on Fiverr like

1 I will email a scraper of US and UK country

2 I will email the scraper within 24 hours

3 I will be your professional email scraper from any social media

Here for the tag, you can add top first page ranked gigs tags you can add to Fiverr and earn money from the Fiverr platform.

You should copy these emails from the page and keep them on an excel sheet to save them. When you save the data in the excel sheet then first you should make separate keywords in the first row and in the second row you add an email and in the third row, you will add a country name. What would be by saving data like, by doing this your client can read your scrape data easily

How to earn money by email scraping


How to earn money by email scraping



This is the final email. You can save them and by selling them on different platforms you can earn good money. Here, if we mentioned Fiverr, there you give the service of email extraction then you can earn from them.

There are different platforms where you can sell your skills, platforms Fiverr, Upwork, Guru, and different platforms.

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