How to Earn Money by Web Scraping
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How to Earn Money by Web Scraping

Do you want to earn money by website scraping? If yes then you should not need to worry about that. I will tell you how you can earn by web scraping. But here you should idea about website scraping. Website scraping is a process in which you can get data about any company or any business, their personal information, their email address, and other so many things which you need, you can download from any website.


Scraping Data from a Website

Here I will tell you the process that how will scrape data from any website and how by selling them on different plate forms which you can earn money. In some developed country when any person wants to start a business he wants to know about in his country how much this business working. By setting home and by searching online he does not guess how many percent of this business has gone virtual in his country. Then he should hire someone to extract data from his country that shows how many companies are working. Their data, their personal information, and their location.

There are many different tools by which you can extract data from any website. If I am not wrong almost all tools are paid. But here I will tell you a free tool by which you can extract data from any website. The name of this tool is “” how it will work and how we use this tool on our PC. Let’s see the picture below.

How to Earn Money by Web Scraping


This is the main page of the yellow pages. You can see the name of the yellow page on the main page on our front and I have mentioned the circle and I have also mentioned the circle on the website by which you can search this page easily. Here you can see the two search places on the page which are written in “Business or Keyword” and the other option is to search in which you should select the location of business or location of city, country, or any state in which company is located. In the first search place, you should write the name of the business, which means you can also be called keyword in other words. Now I want to search any business name and any location as a demo.

How to Earn Money by Web Scraping


I have searched a demo business and a demo location to get data from a website. So you can see there are so many websites on the page. Now we want to extract data from the website and save this into our excel sheet to save our portfolio and also provide it to our client. I have mentioned Arrowhead where these are the websites. Now by clicking on them, we can see the personal data of the website, which means to say that their contact number, their email address, their location, and also we can their company name, so I am sharing their next picture to see the data of a company.

How to Earn Money by Web Scraping


Here you can see all about the company, their location name contact number address. Here you can see the word “ filter by “ By selecting it you can get data of more than 10, 25, 50, or more by selecting the filter, and also you can check or search it by entering the name of the city, state or by zip code. You can save it by copying all these data and inserting them into an excel sheet. You can see a demo data-saving picture.

How to Earn Money by Web Scraping


This is data that is saved in an Excel sheet. By doing this you can scrape data.

There are three methods to earn money by web scraping.

  1. Selling data
  2. Creating Bots
  3. Reselling

#1 Selling Data

By selling data that is scraped by websites,s, we can earn money. There are so many or millions of free websites which everyone can access and gather different types of data to use them. But it’s easy to say but so easy to extract from any website because anybody would have to have a lot of time and a lot of capacity to do this work. When a person has the capacity to do work and bear difficulties, then he can gather data from millions of sites, which is Google or online. There are companies that want to focus on getting data that may be heard to be obtained and structuring that data neat and clean into spreadsheets or Google Docs to use it at a certain price.

#2 Creating Bots

By creating bots we can earn money. Bots are just a technical term that is used for programming that does a specific action. But it depends upon what action you want from the bot. You can sell the technical abilities which are created by bots and make them for themselves. If I explain it then we can say that for example means that it’s like an extension. When you use the extension then, it makes an easy way for you and will help you.

#3 Reselling

As you can guess from the name reselling means selling products again. Web scraping is one of the common uses of getting prices for products. People who scrape the program on a daily basis and will return a special discount on the product. They form a special program which works as a selling product. When the prices of any product drop to a certain limit this program will get the product and save it in his store. But after some time or a long time when the prices of the products will increase, he will again sell those products which are ready in his store. This process is called reselling.



In such a busy life and technology age where every person wants to earn, web scraping is only a platform where you can earn money from home. If you can work hard and give time, then you can earn millions of dollars. To learn web scraping now and make money too.

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