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What is VPN? How it Works?

We are all familiar with the word VPN. VPN It creates a secure connection between you and another network on the Internet. VPN stands for Virtual Private Network. Most people use VPN primarily to access regionally blocked sites etc protect the privacy of information, and protect themselves from being tracked while browsing sensitive content. VPN forwards your network traffic through any other networks. Almost all operating systems have built-in VPN supported. VPN is made to securely connect business and commercial private networks.

How You Can Be Benefitted Using VPN

When you connect your device to a VPN it connects itself to another computer server and creates a secret passage or tunnel for your communications with the Internet. Even when your Internet service provider ISP realizing the presence of this tunnel you will not be able to access it, as a result, the ISP will not know which site you are browsing or what data you are pass. Then if a site is blocked in your country or ISP you can be browsing the site using a VPN and all this data is encrypted while using a VPN. Hopefully, you can understand better by looking at the picture below.

how vpn works
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What is VPN used for

Audio-video and streaming sites will be able to browse specific content for specific countries from any country via Virtual Private Network (VPN). For example, you can’t listen to music from the Spotify site in India. But if you want, you can also use the Spotify service in India by connecting VPN to the IP server of the US or any other country where Spotify service is available.

#1 To hide your true location

VPN will give you that facility if you want to use the internet by keeping your real location secret to avoid tracking different websites. You may also know that many sites in China are officially shut down for example Facebook, and other social media. The Chin use VPN to browsing those sites and connect to all Internet if needed.

#2 Helps to keep your information safe

If you ever use a free WiFi hotspot in a public place, other people on your browsing data seam network will be able to easily trace you if they are experts. And usually, VPN can save you from this problem. If you connect to a VPN if someone intercepts your WiFi connection or your ISP itself will only show a private network here. No hacker or expert in the vicinity will be able to know about all the data that is being passed inside.

Protects your privacy when using torrents: Torrent is a reliable way to download any movie or drama or any file including games or software from any country. You can use VPN to avoid tracing when downloading files from torrents. Even if you download a legal torrent, your ISP may slow down your connection for fear of more traffic. At that moment, you can avoid traces with a VPN

How to Use VPN

when you are very careful about your online life according to your needs you can create and use a VPN server yourself. But most people use different company services to avoid trouble. You can safely be using the best-rated services among them. Most VPN providers have two types of VPN provides, free and paid.

Sometimes using a VPN will be enough for your free plan and if you have to use it regularly for office or business, then you can take a good paid VPN. Paid usually does not have any ads and the number of servers is high and the speed is high. And  some more benefits are available in the paid plan VPN.

If you search by typing VPN in Google or in the app store of your device, you will get a list of many services, from where you can see the number of user’s reviews and ratings and estimate their reviews. You can find out which one best for you.

Is it safe to use VPN

The issue of security in the virtual world is incomprehensible. Nothing is completely safe. There are many people who are relying on the popular VPN service providers in the market. Again, having a you-made VPN network is not a bad thing – although in many cases it may seem like “more than rent”.

This is not to says that there is no risk of your information being compromised from a dishonest or compromised VPN network. There are many companies that offer free unlimited VPN, which can be a trap if you don’t understand. So you need to understand and use the correct VPN


Everything has its advantages and disadvantages. Similarly, VPN has its advantages and disadvantages. However, if you can use VPN properly, then there is no risk to your security. So I think using VPN is definitely safe.

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