How To Check If A MacBook Is Authentic Or Not

MacBook is a laptop made by Apple. It really comes with tons of cool features. It has become very popular for its stylish outlook and features. You have to spend at least $1000 to buy a MacBook. So it is very important to confirm that the product you are buying is authentic and intact. Otherwise, the amount you spent will totally waste. Today I will share some tips with you on how you can easily check the authenticity of your new MacBook just in a few minutes. Here is how to check if a MacBook is authentic or not.


#1 Buy Your MacBook From Apple Authorized Store

It is always good to buy your MacBook from an Apple-authorized store called iStore somewhere. They always provide you the genuine product with an official warranty. But in some countries, there is no authorized store. So there you have to buy from an online store or an unauthorized store. They may sell refurbished products to you. So it is always better to avoid them. But in where there is no other option then follow the next tips.


#2 Check MacBook Serial Number From Apple Official Website

Before unboxing the MacBook the bottom part of the box. You will find a serial number like the picture below.


How To Check If A MacBook Is Authentic Or Not


Here my serial number starts with C17G6. Now visit the following URL (https://checkcoverage.apple.com/) and then enter the serial number on your MacBook box.


How To Check If A MacBook Is Authentic Or Not 2


If the result shows ‘Purchase Date not Validated’ and the model number matched then this MacBook is authentic. It also means that it is not activated before. If the product is previously used or second hand then the result will be ‘Valid Purchase Date’.


#3 Check If There Is Any Scratch Or Dent

After passing step# 2 you may now unbox your MacBook carefully. Then the first thing you have to check that if there is any dent or scratch on your laptop or not. After checking carefully if you found any dent or scratch then inform your seller immediately. There may be scratches or dents if the MacBook is second-hand.


#4 Match The Serial Number

It’s the time when you have to turn on your laptop. Then check the serial number of your MacBook with the serial number on the box. If the serial number of your laptop does not match with the serial number on the box then the laptop is not authentic. You will find the serial number from the ‘About This Mac’ option.

How To Check If A MacBook Is Authentic Or Not


#5 Check Battery Health Of MacBook

The battery cycle count of the MacBook is very useful for checking how many times the MacBook is charged. If the cycle count is 1 then it means the MacBook is not used before. If it is more than 1 then it makes sense that this laptop is second-hand. In my case, it is showing 2 because I have charged it for 2 times. You can check this from the System Report>>Power section.


How To Check If A MacBook Is Authentic Or Not


If you are planning to purchase a MacBook then you have to take care of these five things to ensure that your money is not going to be wasted. Don’t forget to write us a comment about what you found after checking your MacBook.

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