How Quantum Computer Is Different From Classic Computer?

Quantum computers have been a popular word in the technology world for many years. It is said, what is a quantum computer.

What is Quantum Computer?

The powerful computer that is made using the concept of quantum mechanics is called a quantum computer. Ordinary computers work with 0 and 1. Quantum computers work with the possibility of 0 or 1. At the same time 0 or 1 can be either.

If you listen to the discussion about quantum computing, you will think that it is science fiction. But we have reached the pinnacle of computer technology which defies logic and defeats the imagination. The transistors used in today’s computers are so small that they can be made with the technology at hand. So computer inventors have begun to look for possible solutions at the nuclear and ultra-atomic levels, known as quantum computing.

The big companies in the technology world have started an intense competition to create sustainable quantum computers and are trying to bring them to market commercially. Quantum computers will be able to deliver computing power that is not possible for conventional classical computers. It will solve any problem quickly.

Quantum computers can solve many complex problems of quantum mechanisms in one fell swoop. It takes hundreds of thousands of years for the latest computer to solve the same problem. This is called quantum supremacy. That is when an organization or country can solve all those complex problems in a very short time through quantum computer

A special chip called ‘Sekamor’ capable of quantum computing has 53 qubits (the basic unit of a quantum computer). Cubits can do many times more work than traditional computer bits.

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How Quantum Computer Is Different From Classic Computer?

Quantum computers have many advantages. It does not solve too many mathematical problems. According to scientists, quantum computers can solve a handful of complex problems that traditional computers struggle to solve. As a result, quantum computers can revolutionize everything from the pharmaceutical industry to the oil industry. In particular, complex mathematical problems in physics and chemistry can be solved quickly. New drugs will be made. The commercial algorithm of financial institutions can be further improved. Even the earliest forms of artificial intelligence that scientists are working on could soon be improved.

When the first research on atoms was carried out in the early 20th century, Since then quantum physics has rejected logic. Atoms in the world of quantum do not mean the conventional formula of physics. Quantum particles can move forward or backward at the same time, staying in two places at the same time that is, a quantum particle or a particle of atomic dimension can be in all its states at the same time. Researchers think that quantum computers will benefit from this taking advantage.

Researchers have been trying to create quantum computers for decades. Researchers promise that such computers will be far ahead in terms of speed.

Advantage Of Using Quantum Computer

Big Data Solution: Every day we generate 2.5 exabytes of data, which is equivalent to the content of 5 million laptops. Quantum computers can process this amount of information to meet the demands of the big data age. The future is the age of machines. Data will also be generated from each tiny device. It will be possible to make a perfect analysis of this information with a quantum computer.

Advanced Software and Machine Learning: A number of algorithms have already been developed for quantum computers. Notable among these are the Grovers algorithm for finding unstructured databases and the Simple algorithm for utilizing large numbers of products. Creating a sustainable quantum computer will help reduce the time it takes to solve machine learning problems.

Speed: Google recently announced its supremacy over Quantum Computers. Google’s AI Quantum Team has taken another step forward in the field of quantum computing, according to a report published in the famous science journal Nature. Google’s Sycamore processor has been able to complete a calculation in three and a half minutes, which would have taken 10,000 years to make the most powerful computer in the world. Quantum computers are thousands of times faster than conventional computers, according to Catherine McGioch, a researcher at Armhurst University.

Power saving: Quantum computers will not require much power. It will use 100 to 1000 times less electricity because it uses a method called quantum tunneling to reduce the cost of electricity. In addition, the computer is fragile. Any kind of vibration can affect the atom and create inconsistencies

Will make the unreal real: Suppose it took billions of years to solve a problem. In other words, quantum computers can solve almost impossible mathematical problems in one fell swoop. What was once considered impossible will not be impossible. Quantum computers will move ahead of conventional computers.

Data security: Many people think that encryption is enough for data security. But it is possible to create virtual encryption that cannot be broken. This will change the data security situation. Quantum computers can break most of today’s encryption methods. Alternative measures such as hacking can be found instead.

Quantum computers can be said to be the function of all work. On a conventional computer, things like mail, spreadsheets, or desktop publishing may be better done. However, the goal of creating a quantum computer is different. It can basically be used as a different tool to solve different problems. It will not replace the conventional computer. Quantum computers can be used to accurately determine the flight schedule of such an airport etc.

Difficulty of Quantum computer: If advanced quantum computers were to be created, all the security of the current conventional Internet would be shattered like a house of cards. The British magazine ‘The Economist’ says that the organization that has Quantum Computer in its hands can do many things if it wants. The personal information of billions of Internet users can be carried in their own pockets. Government databases can be hacked. Unwanted controls can be imposed on the banking system. If you want, the state defense system can also be made useless. Considering these aspects, many do not hesitate to call it a ‘terrible’ computer.


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