How To Download & Install Message Blaster

How To Download & Install Message Blaster Software

What Is Message Blaster?

Message Blaster is a simple and easy application for sending bulk text messages using computer. You can send promotional, transactional, notification alert SMS to your audience. You can use it both for commercial and personal usage. This software is offline and doesn’t consume your data. You can send single SMS, multiple SMS, group SMS, dynamic SMS, personalized SMS and more. Today I will inform you about how to download & install Message Blaster software. You can use it in any countries in the world.

message blaster

In Which Platform You Can Use Message Blaster?

This application is desktop based application. You can use it to any windows operating system desktop or laptop computer.

Where You Can Use?

You can use this software in your business institution for sending promotional text messages to your customers. You can also use it to send notification to the students of your school.

How It Works?

This software works with the help of 2g/3g USB modem. You have to put a working sim card inside your modem. You need not to use internet through the modem. You just need to plug the modem with the USB port of your computer. Messages will be sent from your sim card. So standard SMS sending charges will be applicable as per your sim card carrier. You can use SMS bundle or packages if your carrier supports it. Thus this is a cost effective solution for sending bulk text messages. Receiver will get your sim card number as sender number. Below is the example of a 2g/3g USB modem. In some regions the modem should be unlocked.


huawei e1550
Image Source- Google | By- NEWEGG

There are some cool features of this software that you might love it.

Single SMS

You can send a single message to your recipients with this features. You just need to type your recipients number & body text to send a message. You can also send Unicode character SMS through this.

Multiple SMS

This is one of the cool features of this application. You can send same text messages to as many receiver as you want by this option. You can control the interval seconds between two messages by yourself.

File To SMS

If you want to send same messages to all the recipients from a excel or csv sheet then you can use this feature. You can easily import numbers from excel or csv file.

Group SMS

In this feature you can send same text messages to a particular group of recipients.

Dynamic SMS

You can send different messages to different recipients by a single click. You just need to place recipients number and their body text in a excel or csv sheet.

Personalized SMS

The most interesting I really like is it. You can use parameter to make your message dynamic with this feature.


You can check the message delivery status with it.


You can save message body text for reuse as templates with this feature.


You can save your recipients number with name and group for future use by this built-in contact book.

How To Download & Install Message Blaster

You can download the latest version of the software from here. After downloading the software you will get a zip file. You need winrar or winzip for opening the folder. There are two files inside the folder. ReadMe.txt file contains the installation password which you might need later. Below are the steps for installing.

1# Double click on setup.exe file.

2# Now click ‘Yes’.

3# Then select ‘I accept the agreement’ & click ‘Next’.

Message Blaster
Step 3

4# In this step paste the installation password & click ‘Next’. You will find it on ReadMe.txt file.

Message Blaster
Step 4

5# Again click ‘Next’.

Message Blaster
Step 5

6# Now check ‘Create a desktop shortcut’ & click ‘Next’.

Message Blaster
Step 6

7# Here click ‘Install’ button.

Message Blaster
Step 7

8# Now uncheck the ‘Launch Message Blaster’ & click ‘Finish’.

Message Blaster
Step 8

Note: You might get an error if you for step 8. Then just ignore the error message & click ‘Ok’.

Message Blaster

Then you will find the Message Blaster Shortcut icon in you home screen or desktop. Run the application from there.

Message Blaster

If you want to know How To Use Message Blaster Software then you can check my this article.

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