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Why Bip App Becomes So Popular

What is Bip App?

Bip is one of the most popular messaging app for making secure voice and video call. The app is free for use. The app is available for 106 languages. The Turkish mobile company Turkcell launched Bip in 2013. Now the popularity of Bip app is increasing in Europe and Middle East.

Why Bip App Becomes So Popular?

Recently WhatsApp has announced that they are going to update their terms and policy. After Facebook acquired WhatsApp then user were worried how the data will be exchanged between two platforms. But the Turkcell has assured that they will give highest priority to users privacy. Within a short time the number of downloads increased surprisingly. BiP app has been downloaded 2 million times a day since WhatsApp announced the change in privacy policy. Till now this app has been downloaded a total of 60 million times. Officials of Turkcell are expecting that the download of this app will cross 1 billion soon.

How To Use Bip App?

Bip app is available in both play store and ios. It works in the same way like the other messaging app WhatsApp, IMO work. User has to install the app from play store or apple store. After that user can create account by verifying their phone number. Bip app also offers virtual number for a little amount of charges.

Features Of Bip App

Free Calls(HD): Bip app offers free and high definition audio and video call for it’s user. User can make a group call of 10 participants in a group call.

Virtual Number: User can acquire a virtual number by spending a little charge.

Secure: The user will enjoy a secure exchange of messaging.

Media Sharing: User can share high resolution photo and video using Bip app.

Customization: It is possible to customize the themes and more others preferences.

Privacy: User can send private message through Bip app which will be deleted after certain time. User can also set password for avoiding unwanted access.

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