5 Fiverr Gig Promotion Strategies for beginners

What is Fiverr?

Fiverr is an awesome marketplace from where a seller or freelancer can sell their services. It allows to sell services across the world. At present there are around 11,000,000 businesses who use fiverr. Today I will discuss about fiverr gig promotion strategies.

There are many sellers who provide very good services and created excellent Gig. But unfortunately they are not getting any order or client. Today I will share 5 fiverr gig promotion strategies. This strategies are for beginners who are expert in working but getting no order. This strategies are applicable for all other market places like upwork, freelancer etc.


#1 Cold Mailing

Cold Mailing is simply just sending an email to those person who are interested in your services. Cold mailing is not sending bulk mail or spamming. You have to collect email address of those people who are eager to your services. In this case it is good practice to use your branded email or business web mail.


#2 Quora

The second technique is Quora. Quora is a question & answering website. You can make your own network by answering some questions in Quora everyday. You may spend 15 to 20 minutes everyday in Quora for best results.


#3 Social Media

You can share your link in most popular social media platform such as Facebook, LinkedIn etc. It will give you a great promotion of your Gig. You can create your own group or pages there to share your services.


#4 Content Creation

You can create your own content related to your service and publish then in your youtube channel or blog website. It will give you a great engagement with people who are looking for services. Making video content and publish them in youtube is more fruitful.


#5 Paid Advertising

You have to spend some money in this strategy. Just pay some money to social media platforms and publish your services through paid advertising. It will also bring a good numbers of traffic in your Gig. Adverting in Quora is most effective than others.

As these strategies are for only beginners. So 90% of them have no budget for paid advertising. I recommend to follow the first four strategies.


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