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How To Send Bulk SMS From PC

Bulk SMS is a strategy for sending a big quantity of short message to people. Usually people use bulk SMS for sending promotional, transactional, notification to it’s customers. It helps to increase the sale of a company. It is also a helpful way for brand marketing. Today I will share a tricks with you on how to send bulk SMS from pc.

Message Blaster

Message Blaster is a software or program by which you can send SMS to multiple person at a single time. It is very user friendly and cost effective solution. It works on any version of windows operating system computer. You can send SMS in any language using this software. The key features of this software are

Single SMS

Multiple SMS

Group SMS

Excel/CSV File To SMS

Dynamic SMS/Personalized SMS

There is also a built-in contact book in this software in where you can save recipients number and arrange by group. You can see the sms report after finish sending. There is one click database backup/restore system for safe storage of your contact & report.

How Message Blaster Works?

This program works with any 2g/3g USB modem. In some regions the modem should be unlocked. You have to insert a working sim card into the modem. You need SMS credit or balance in your sim card. You can use your SMS package or bundle also. When you send SMS, charge will be deducted from your sim card. The SMS charge depends on your carrier. The recipients will see the number of your sim card as sender number. In this article I have used Huawei E1550 USB modem.

huawei e1550
Image Source- Google | By- NEWEGG


The current version of the application is 14.0. After downloading the application install it in your computer. Then connect you modem through the USB port. Then run Message Blaster. You can see an interface like below.


message blaster
Message Blaster


In the ‘Connected Modem’ table you can see you modem. Just click the name of your modem and click “CONNECT” button. If you don’t see any modem there then click “REFRESH” button. It will show. If still it doesn’t show then you have to unplug the modem and connect with another USB port. Once the modem could connect then it will show connected alert. Then you can use the application for sending SMS.

How To Send Single SMS?

Once everything connected successfully then you can start sending text message. Single SMS is for sending message to a single person. Click ‘SEND SINGLE SMS’ button. Then type the number of your recipient & your text. If you send text message in Unicode character then you have to select UNICODE yes. After that click ‘SEND SMS’ button.


single sms
Send Single SMS


How To Send Multiple SMS?

With this feature you can send message to multiple person. Write the numbers of your recipients one per line. The write your body text. Write the delay or interval second between two messages. Then click ‘SEND SMS’ button.


multiple sms
Send Multiple SMS


How To Send Group SMS?

You can save peoples number in the built-in contact book group wise. The you can send message to a particular groups by this feature. Just select your desired group & write body text. Then click the ‘SEND SMS’ button.


group sms
Group SMS


 How To Send File To SMS?

This is one of the most useful features of this application. By this features you can send message from Excel or CSV file. Just click the ‘IMPORT FROM EXCEL’ button then select the file where you put your recipients number. Then write body text & click ‘SEND SMS’ button.


import from excel
Excel File Of Recipient List


file to sms
File To SMS


How To Send Dynamic SMS?

With this feature you can send message dynamically. You can set different text for different recipients. You have to put the recipients number list in the first column of excel file and corresponding body text in second column. First click on the ‘IMPORT FROM EXCEL’ button then select your desired file. After that click ‘SEND SMS’ button.

dynamic sms file example
Dynamic SMS File Example


dynamic sms
Dynamic SMS


How To Send Personalized SMS?

In this feature you can add message parameter. The file structure of this feature is below.

personalized sms file example
Personalized SMS File Example

Here you have to put the recipients list in first column. Then you have to write respective parameter from second column.


Personalized SMS
Personalized SMS


Now first write you body text in this form.

Hello {0} {1},

How are you?

Here {0} will be replaced by first parameter I mean second column of the excel file & {1} will be replaced by third column. In this way you can use as much parameter as you want. You can see the formatted output message in ‘RECIPIENTS & MESSAGES BOX’. If everything is fine then click ‘SEND SMS’ button.

Remember that while importing file make sure that the file is not open or using by another program.

There are also some cool features of this application. That is you can see SMS report b6y clicking ‘REPORT’ button. You can save body text as templates for future use or reuse. If there is any issue you can check the log by clicking the ‘LOGS’ button. This application offers the cost effective solution for bulk sms as you can recharge and control your expense by yourself.

You can download the software from here. How To Download & Install Message Blaster Software.

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