How To Send Unlimited Message Using Facebook Messenger
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How To Send Unlimited Message Automatically Using Facebook Messenger

Hello visitor, today I will share an interesting tricks with you. Suppose your girlfriend or wife is angry with you. You want to send a message “I love you” to your wife or girlfriend around 100 times through Facebook Messenger. I will teach you to create a robot that will type the message on behalf of you and send it to your girlfriend. So let’s started.

How To Send Unlimited Message Automatically Using Facebook Messenger

Step 1#

If you have already installed Python to your computer then you may skip this step. Otherwise you have to download and install latest version of Python in your computer from here. After download and installing Python you can verify it by typing the following command in your command prompt.

python --version

install python

If you have successfully installed Python in your computer then it will return a message like this. I have installed Python 3.10.2, so it is showing the version.

Step 2#

In this step you have to install an IDE for writing Python code. I prefer PyCharm as my favorite Python code editor. You can use another one if you want. You can download and install the community edition of PyCharm from here for free.

Step 3#

This is the final step. After installing PyCharm open it and create a new project. You can give any name of your project. I have named my project that “AutomaticMessaging”. After creating the project create a new file named under the project. Now install a package in your project named “PyAutoGui” by typing the following command in the terminal of PyCharm.

pip install pyautogui

After installing the package write the following piece of code in the file.

import pyautogui
import time

message = 100

while message > 0:
    pyautogui.typewrite('I love you')
    message = message-1

Now open Facebook Messenger and open chat thread of your girlfriend and put the cursor there. Now return back to PyCharm and run the code. Quickly open the messenger thread and put the cursor in your girlfriend message typing box and wait for 6 seconds. Now you will see that it is writing “I love you” and sending it to your girlfriend by itself. After sending one message it will take rest for 3 seconds and send the same message again. It will send the message 100 times like this.

If you face any issue you may ask to me. Don’t forget to write a comment on how many times you send “I love you” to your wife or girlfriend.


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