How to Make a WordPress Website within 4 Steps

How to Make a WordPress Website within 4 Steps

Do you want how to make a WordPress website?

Yes, you should be aware of it because currently, WordPress has passed the 40% mark over one-third of the entire web.

Do you want how to make a WordPress website

If you are a small business owner, and blogger, I will recommend you to use WordPress to make a website.

But you have a question about how to make a WordPress website because of not knowing about it.

Don’t worry. I came here to cover the whole process of WordPress website building from scratch to make it complete.

If you are a small business owner or blogger, you should have $35 in your pocket for the website’s yearly cost.

WordPress Website

It is not a big deal because if you spend $35, you will get 10+ times to spend $35 in a year.

Anyhow, I am not limiting here. If you don’t have $35 to spend, I have a solution for your problem.

I want to show you how to make a free WordPress website without spending a penny. If you have the will to create a free hosting website, check it here.

Note: In order to make a free WordPress website, a Free hosting provider doesn’t guarantee the free hosting to work for a lifetime. It can be damaged anytime.

But it happens once in a blue moon because I am also using a free hosting WordPress website that is working properly.

A great benefit:

If you follow all the steps, you will be a master in making a WordPress website and can provide your service on Fiverr as a WordPress website developer and make a lot of money.

OK, I hope you have got everything. So, let go ahead with 4 steps to make a WordPress website.


Step #1 Choose a Domain Name for your WordPress Website

Your website domain name is an identity by which it will be shown on the web browser and to people who search.

Precisely, open your whole website purpose within the website domain by which visitors could know your website’s significant purpose without opening it.

It should reflect your brand and be easier to type to find your website.

You don’t have any restriction to choose a domain name for your WordPress website. You can select your willing domain name.

Here are a few tips to make a great domain name that will reflect your brand and show in more searches.

Start the domain name from your service name keyword.

  • It should be unique-sounding
  • Easy to read and write means memorable
  • Make it as short as you can
  • Include your niche targeted keywords.

If still, you have no idea, use this Domain Wheel. You can generate a free website domain name just after typing your service keyword.

Now, choose one of these that you like and check whether it is available or not, if yes, it is good and well. So, proceed towards the second step.


Step #2 Select a Web Hosting Provider to Register your WordPress Website Domain Name

There are several companies where you can web hosting, and tons of companies where you can register a new domain but, I am not sure you would not like to get benefits both of the world.

You will see many web hosting providers. You can choose what you like but, for a while, I am going through the Bluehost that is giving you a free domain name with the hosting of three plans based on your requirements so you can choose that fits your business or blog.

wordpress website

I will recommend you a Basic plan that costs are $2.95 per month. It is not a big deal so, when you boost your business, you can spread your website by choosing Plus or Choice Plus Package.

After selecting your subscription plan, Bluehost will ask you to choose one option from two. If you have bought already a domain, you can use it here and if not, create a new one.

There are so many domains named with org, net, in, and more. But I will recommend you to choose a com domain name that will bestow your website with a professional look.

Now, just fill up your personal information and account details and choose a plan that you want. You will get extra packages too, so, if you afford them, you can purchase them to make your website secure.


Step #3 Install Your WordPress Website on a Blue Host

Now, you have set up your website hosting and domain. Congratulations!

One step away!

wordpress website

Install your WordPress on the blue host by completing the signup process and email confirmation and log in.

Once you log in, go to my website option and click on create a site. Enter your Username/Password and new site’s name that will make your website ready to fly.


Step #4 Install a Theme for Your WordPress Website that you Like

The theme gives your website a professional look like coding website CSS. So, there are a lot of themes available, you can choose that attract you.

Feel free to interchange with any other theme that you like.

Final Thought

Now, you have completed your WordPress website construction.

So, install plugins that you require and ready your website to beat millions of websites by doing SEO, optimized content, and dealing with great service that people need and like.

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